Why choose Wofeng coated aluminum?

Wofeng coated aluminum is made from high quality grade Aluminium. 

Contrary to other metals, aluminium reacts with the oxygen in the air to form an extremely thin layer of oxide. Though unnoticeable, this naturally occurring layer provides excellent corrosion protection and is self-repairing if damaged. This anodising process naturally improves its resilience to corrosion in harsh environment.

  • Wofeng coated aluminum enjoys longer warranty. 

To ensure the warranty of your colour choice, all of our colors have been rigorously tested to withstand the most extreme environment. It provides a durable, baked-on paint finish that resists peeling, chipping and cracking.

  • Enviromental frinedly to save our nature from wood and marble. 

Choosing a material with sustainability is becoming more paramount. Metal is one of the most recycled materials on the planet and aluminium boasts one of the highest recycling rates of any metal. Wofeng coated aluminum is 100% recyclable, uses VOC free coatings and lead free finishes. This is what we can do for the earth as a tiny effort. But with many people joining, we will see an obvious change. 

  • One of the best known properties of aluminium lies in the outstanding lightness.

With a density as one third of steel and weight 50% less than wood when compared equally. The low density of aluminium accounts for it being lightweight but this does not compromise its strength. A lightweight material means low transport cost, easy installation and handling while maintaining structural integrity in all types of environments and conditions.

  • Fire resistance is important no matter where we live. 

This is why Wofeng aluminum benefits much more than using wood. Wofeng aluminum is a non combustible product that has been manufactured to meet relevant international fire standards.

  • Aluminum is perfect for outdoor. 

Aluminium is great in direct sunlight as it remains cooler than other materials. It naturally absorbs heat slowly but releases it quickly. Whether it be a deck, handrail, or any other application, under the heat in daytime knot wood aluminium remains cool.

  • Weather tolerance. 

Unlike most steel grades, aluminium does not become brittle at low temperature. Instead, its strength increases. And as it doesn’t absorb water or moisture, it won’t warp and expand when exposed to extremely cold condition.s)ܩt�;

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