Aluminum Composite Panels

Composite panels contains a layer of fluorine-carbon resin (PVDF), which diminishes the possibility of oxidation, corrosion, or damages due to ultra-violet rays.  It is resistant to extreme temperatures since the layer against the fire isolates the outer temperature.

This structure, in turn, saves the consumer money.

Excellent torsion strength

One of the main characteristics of Aluminum is its great resistance to twisting and bending, especially during heavy loads.

Easy processing and installation

The Aluminum panel is easy to process because it is very light. For this same reason, it can be manipulated very easily for cutting, milling, flattening, slide-folding, and curving.


Aluminum panels have a polyvinyl plastic inner-layer between the two non-toxic and non-flammable sheets, which makes them resistant to fire

Easy to maintain

In order to keep AL panels clean, you only need neutral cleanser and water. It is very important to properly maintain the panels after installation, especially in highly-polluted areas.

timg 1024x564 - Aluminum Composite Panels
Aluminium Color

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