Advantages of the Color Coated Aluminum Coil

The color coated aluminum coil production line has the following advantages:

(1) The production line is designed with high-performance special coating and process route. It can automatically and continuously complete the processes of unwinding, degreasing and cleaning, chemical treatment, roller coating, solidification, cooling and coiling, which truly reflects the automation and high speed of color coating. The coating film adhesion, hardness and anti-aging properties can reach the ideal technical performance of the coating and the actual use requirements of users.

(2) Using advanced infrared or hot air circulation continuous drying equipment, the temperature of each section in the drying furnace can be adjusted automatically, with the characteristics of high thermal efficiency and low energy consumption. In order to ensure the process temperature when the steel strip passes, the purpose of good appearance quality and fast curing speed of the coating film is achieved.

(3) All lines of equipment are equipped with explosion-proof safety protection facilities, and advanced automated program control makes the entire production process orderly, efficient, safe and reliable.

(4) It can flexibly configure post-coating processing equipment such as lamination, embossing, printing, peelable film. These devices can not only realize the diversified needs of color coating products, but also provide the forming processing of color coated boards surface protection to prevent bending, cutting and scratching.

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