Brand:heaven and earth



Specification:customer requirements

USES:used in large span factory building,warehouse,

office buildings,villas,roof and floor,market,etc

Engineering application:road construction,metope,

factory building,partition,partition wall guardrail,

Product Description

Waterproof caigang watts is introduced

Waterproof caigang watts have good drainage system,which can effectively control the rain flow,surface coating corrosion generally polystyrene with better effect,has the function of corrosion protection with efficiency can prolong its life cycle,the service life of up to 35 years,in line with international standards of suzhou caigang provide professional installation of after-sales services such as heaven and earth,create satisfaction products to customers.

Waterproof caigang watt

1,a variety of color optional,sound structure at the same time also can build the fashion;y reduce the construction period;

2,compressive properties and seismic perfomance are good ,suitable for coastal and prone to natural disasters area;

3,fire prevention performance is superior,can satisfy the requirements of the code for fire protection;

Machining Process


Company introduction