3D wood grain color steel plate

Application: Container house,steel structure,color coated corrugated sheets,interior and exterior wall decoration,household electrical appliances etc.
Advantages: Only produce printing steel sheet,focusing on it for 9 years.3 coating and 3 baking,flower precision,free samples,free design and professional custom!
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Product Description

    Jiangyin Wofeng Metal Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. Its main products are single color steel/color aluminum, printed color steel/color aluminum, and PVC/PET laminated board. The printing has wood grain, brick grain, stone grain and camouflage. Such as texture, special color coated with suede, matte surface, chameleon, etc.;

    The current production capacity of 100,000 tons, the company actively implements technical reform and research and development, with the ISO9001 quality system as the guarantee, the introduction of Japan's current international leading level of continuous processing from the beginning The multi-baked production line equipment and German deep processing equipment produce stable and reliable products with a processing thickness of 3.0mm, which is representative of domestic advanced equipment.

    Independent research and development and custom texture according to customer requirements to more than 600 kinds, color steel thickness can be done 0.18-1.2MM, color aluminum thickness can be done 0.18-2.5MM, the widest can produce 1250MM, can provide Kaiping, slitting, embossing, protection Additional supporting services such as membranes. 70% of our output is exported to more than 40 countries in the United States, Canada, Australia, Eastern Europe, etc.

    Our products are mainly used in color steel tiles, ceilings, sandwich panels, metal carved panels, integrated insulation panels, fences, doors and windows. , shelves, cabinets, home appliances panels and other industries.

Color coated sheet specification. (c) wofeng

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