PVC film laminated steel sheet

Product name: WF-FPVC01

Applications: interior decoration, ceiling and household applications etc.
Advantage: Our patterns are variety, can be customized according to customers’ requirement, good tensile properties, dustproof and antibacterial,fire resistance, acid alkali resistance and also environmental protective.
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Product Description


PVC, PET film laminated steel sheet can be used in different situation with different printing patterns. There are hundreds of wood patterns and other modern patterns to choose.

Good processability

With good ductility and fit to cut, bend, form and punch.

Dustproof and antibacterial

Insulating air and moisture, having fungus-resistant treatment.

Fire resistance

PVC, PET film laminated steel sheet use unique material, belongs to fire-proofing materials, fire resistance achieved B1 level, self extinguishing.


Longer use time, easy maintenance, have economic effects.


The surface can add Anti-UV material, can be antifade outside for many years.  

Environmental protection

PVC, PET film laminated steel sheet can be washed easily, scratch-resistant, reduce maintenance cost and manpower cost.

Machining Process


film laminated steel (c) wofeng
film laminated steel sheet (c) wofeng metal

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