Product name: WF-Brick0201
Application: Container house,steel structure,color coated corrugated sheets,interior and exterior wall decoration,household electrical appliances etc.


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Product Description

Brick design prepainted galvanized steel plate has regular arrangement of different colors and has brick personality but also has a classical rhyme of red brick. Rugged is it initial posture. Different colors is it real character. With the most natural form, create the most casual original style. Mottled brick pattern, modern architecture, just like the dialogue between the years and time--taling about the past and present.

Jiangyin Wofeng Metallic Material Co., Ltd.foucs on the development and production of exterior wall brick color steel sheet, 3D effects, made by 5 suits of printing technology.It has a strong sense of three-dimensional, high precision, simple construction,cost savings, nano-environmental technology, replace real marble effectively.
It is widely used of brick design prepainted galvanized steel sheet in the external walls of the villa, thermal insulation wallboard,interior decoration etc.

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