The paint of prepainted steel sheet

Date: September 5, 2017 5:07 AM

Now a growing number of construction company use more prepainted steel sheet replacing the real natural materials like wood, brick , marble.  But some clients know a little about it ,Today let me shortly introduce the paint of prepainted steel sheet.

The most used paint have 4 kind that is PE, SMP,HDP,PVDF.

1)PE(polyethylene) paint: good comprehensive performance, it’s good weather ability and mechining performance meet the requirements of exterior building.

Supporting two kinds of primer

EPOXY primer: epoxy system primer, with excellent corrosion resistance and adhesion.

PU Primer: Polyurethane Primer with excellent machining and corrosion perforance, versatile primer.

Range of application:

Industrial buildings, commercial buildings such as outdoor parts: roof, external walls.

2)SMP paint:Silicone Modified Polyester Color Coatings

Features: Add special silicone polyester resin and crosslinking agent to ensure the ability of  weather resistance ; And ultra-weathering pigments to ensure that permanent bright of the color; special silicone structure to enhance the hardness of coating thus increasing wear resistance and metal Scratching, also it can withstand the processing of stamping

3)HDP (High durability polyester) paint:

The use of high-performance polyester resin and inorganic ceramic pigments, can do a lot color which PVDF can not do; special polyester structure, good hydrolysis resistance, the use of weather-class pigments,increasing it’sexcellent chemical resistance and durability;


4)PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) color coated products

More than 70% of the polyviny lidene fluoride content, it make the coating has a good weather resistance, acid and alkali and environmental pollution performance; paint use advanced inorganic ceramic pigments, blocking the UV, maintain the coating has a gloss color retention; also it has excellent mechining properties: such as T bend up to 0-2T.

So suggest used the right paint according to the different weather, different environment, different application.

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