How to simply check the quality of color coated corrugated steel sheets

Date: August 22, 2017 6:18 AM

Color coated corrugated steel sheet, not only for commercial buildings, container house, and integrated housing walls and roofs, now many individual buyers choose the color coated corrugated steel sheet because it’s convenient installation, but since almost don’t know anything about it lead to can’t check the quality of it . To solve this problem for the individual buyers, we have listed the following simple methods for reference:


1,Check the thickness of the steel materials and paint.

Color coated corrugated steel sheet is composited by galvanized steel and it’s coating. We must firstly consider the thickness of the galvanized steel and coating, different application, different thickness , you can ask the supplier to measure the thickness for you. Some manufacturers of color coated steel coil(the raw material)often purchase the cheap material with short of thickness, then coat the more paint on it to reduce the cost, but it directly reduce it’s service time.

2,Observe the edge of the color coated corrugated steel sheets

Observe the edge of it to check whether it shows gray, dark and impurities. If the cut is a fine crystal type is superior quality.


3,Listen to the sound

With the fingers or with a hard object toknock the color coated corrugated steel sheets, the sound of the bad materials isthin, better material color steel plate is relatively loud and crisp.


4, Check the quality certificate of color coated corrugated sheet

Whether there are relevant certification. If possible, go to color coated corrugated sheet  factory. Look the workshop and the product line is formal or not or directly search it’s company on net.


5: look at the price

Everything has better and worse, the price depend on it’s quality, when the price is too much lower than other same product, pls take care it , Obviously the quality is not good.


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